Bush's second term

It has been almost a week since the victory over the Democrats. President Bush gained re-election in authoritative fashion, the GOP picked up seats in the House and Senate. The question remains, what will Bush and the Republicans with all this new-found political capital?

Here is my answer, this is what I want to see in the next 4 years:
  • Social Security Reform- Reform, not privatization should be the word used in Washington when it comes to the President's plan for Social Security. My grandparents and parents have paid into this system for a long time, and the promise to them should be upheld, no one is saying anything different. What we need is reform that will allow for my generation to be able keep the program solvent. Private accounts, private investments, something needs to be done. I am not counting on Social Security to even exist when I retire, but letting the system slowly fall apart while playing on seniors' fears is despicable, the system is dying and ignoring it just makes it worse.
  • Income Tax Code Reform- The big issue with income taxes for me is the inequity in the system. Not the kind you hear mentioned everywhere, but the part that goes unnoticed because it benefits the politicians. A complicated tax code is good for the politicians, it allows them to raise campaign funds and stay in office. A loophole here, corporate tax credit there, it all allows people like Ms. and Mr. Heinz Kerry to have an effective tax rate of 12.8%, and corporations to lower their taxes while funding the politicians' campaigns. I favor tax incentives for corporations in order to grow the economy, I know that you cannot tax those with very little income, I believe that the "rich" should be treated the same as everyone else. You can do this in a just system, one that treats everyone as equals and provide a fair tax code.
  • Good judicial nominations, that are confirmed- This obstructionist crap that Daschle has been pulling needs to end NOW. Now that Daschle has been kicked out of office by the good people of South Dakota, hopefully it will. To hold up the confirmation of the vast number of nominations to the federal bench for your own political gain is unconscionable, hopefully the Dems learned that lesson. President Bush needs to fulfill his promise to nominate judges who are qualified and know that the Constitution is the source of their decisions, not their own personal opinions. As a person who is pro-life I would like to see judges who agree with me, but that is not the main issue.

Those are my big 3 issues. There are many more, but those are my priorities, and the expectations I have for this President. Truthfully, I don't expect to be disappointed either.

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