To my readers in Oklahoma...

First off, I may live in Texas, but I am an Oklahoman by birth and I am still very connected to the state through friends, family and interests. So believe me, my opinion does not come from an outsider who has no vested interest in the state, in fact if the economy would improve I could actually get a competitive job and move back.

As you no doubt already know I am a staunch Republican, typically I vote a straight ticket. However there have been times that I have voted for candidates from other parties, never in a national election and usually when there was something particularly objectionable about the Republican candidate. Whichever way I go, deciding which candidate to support is easy. However I honestly glad that I do not have to vote in the Senate race in Oklahoma, because that choice would not be easy at all.

I am not going to go into a huge debate over the candidate's and all their posistions, because, well its pointless. What you have in this race is a conservative Democrat, and an even more conservative Republican. In the end my endorsement comes down to one thing... control of the Senate.

If Kennedy, Hillary, Daschle (if he's re-elected), Biden, and the rest of that crew gain control of the Senate and all the associated powers, it would be a disaster for Oklahoma. The agenda that they would set would do nothing but hurt Oklahomans, and go against most of Oklahomans' values. Don't make the mistake of thinking that since Carson is a "conservative" Democrat that he won't throw his hat into their game, because he would have to in order to keep his job -- the whip will make sure of that.

Democratic control of the Senate would be very bad for the State of Oklahoma, and for that reason I endorse Tom Coburn. Make your vote count, vote Coburn!

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