This is what we are up against, and why we have to elect Bush

First off, it is pretty clear that the terrorists we are fighting don't want the President re-elected. This alone should be enough, but now we find out al Qaeda is still out there claiming to be plotting the next 9/11. And Michael Moore still thinks there is no terrorist threat -- no vast, coordinated offensive against us.

The Left just doesn't get it. The Islamo-fascists are out there promising that the US "streets will run with blood", and what is John Kerry's response? "Any attack will be met with a swift and certain response," he said at the Democratic National Convention. That may sound tough to some liberals, but even some in his own party know it's lunacy. You have to deal with them before they act, that is how you prevent terrorism -- and death. Kerry's pattern of being an apologetic American and telling us, up front, of his reluctance to act in the name of our protection is only inspiring to people who have the same beliefs, to me it scares more than I can express in words.

This man in not capable of making the tough decisions necessary to protect us. Leading by not trying not to piss anyone off isn't real leadership and it's definitely not suitable for the President of the United States.

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