Missing Weapons? Did the Army ever really have them?

The Belmont Club has (as usual) an insightful and intelligent write up on the "missing" explosives in Iraq. It's too bad (for them) that Kerry's team is running the much talked-about "headline" campaign, it must suck when the headlines are wrong!

This is great because it exposes not only the faults in our media system for not checking the background of a story, and the Kerry campaign has egg on their face but they won't admit. Hell given that campaign's record, they might scream about it more now that it's has been proven false!

More on this: Tucker Eskew, INDC Journal, and PoliPundit

UPDATE: Drudge has a story on this as well

UPDATE II: Now the Kerry camp is saying that the NBC News report is part of a cover up! This is prepsoterous! Via Blogs for Bush:
"In a shameless attempt to cover up its failure to secure 380 tons of highly explosive material in Iraq, the White House is desperately flailing in an effort to escape blame. Instead of distorting John Kerry's words, the Bush campaign is now falsely and deliberately twisting the reports of journalists. It is the latest pathetic excuse from an administration that never admits a mistake, no matter how disastrous."
So if this is what they really believe, then either we did not invade quick enough, or the Army is supposed to be able to secure weapons caches before they ever arrive at the site! Regardless, this is an indication that these people do no even know what end is up. Yeah, they're screwed and they know it.

UPDATE III: Lorie Byrd over at PoliPundit has an interesting observation on the development of this story.

UPDATE IV: This could be big, and very bad for the NY Times. Roger L. Simon thinks it could even be worse than the Jayson Blair incident. In the end this story could be good for Bush, the (possibly) impending backlash against the liberal establsihment could actually hurt Kerry at the polls. Its unlikely, but the bigger this story is the more possible that becomes.

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