Intolerant and vicious Democrats Part IV

Wow, these people are absolutely insane. In this video excerpt from Scarborough Country John O'Neil and Lawrence O'Donnell discuss the Swift Boat controversy. Repeatedly during the conversation O'Neil is called a "liar", a "creep", and then the ever-so creative "creepy-liar". Michelle Malkin has a good take on this, but suffice it to say that John O'Neil summed it up well, we have a choice between civil fair minded people and intolerant, loud-mouthed hypocrites. Who do you want running this great country?

UPDATE: More info on the media bias against O'Neil .

UPDATE II: An "apology" was issued by O'Donnell, but he did not apologize to the person he was just downright mean to. Michelle Malkin has more on this.

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