Hypocrisy in action - John and Theresa Heinz Kerry

'Tax the rich' they say, 'they can afford it.'

It is disgusting how a person can go around saying that he doesn't need his tax cut and he'd give it back, when his effective tax rate for the last year was 12.8%. I am solidly in the middle class, and my effective rate is a LOT higher than that. Some (probably from the Left) will say that this is the perfect example of why the rich need to be taxed more, and not the middle class. If this is what you take away from this, then you missed the boat.

Given Kerry's statements about his receiving "his" tax cut, and how he really doesn't need it, it seems very auspicious that this man would finagle his tax rate down so low. So it is OK for him to have a low tax rate, but not us? If he likes that 12.8% rate so much, why doesn't he just make it a flat rate? That just might win him my vote. He won't though because Democratic politics today are all about class warfare and scare tactics.

Just keep this in mind when John Kerry and his trail lawyer buddy Edwards are preaching about raising taxes, he's paying taxes at a rate that is far less than what you or I are paying.


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