How Bush can win Michigan

Over at National Review Online, Trent Wisecup details how President Bush can take Michigan out of the "blue states" column and turn it red. It's a thorough and insightful analysis of a key state, and has some really good points. Chief among them are:
  • Kerry's alliances with left-wing environmental extremists does not sit well with folks from the auto industry, even union members. Notable here is the 2002 tax increase on gas Kerry proposed in the Senate. The measure was so extreme that Michigan Democratic Senators Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow worked with Republicans to kill it.
  • Kerry's very un-wise attack on the Coalition of the Willing may just backfire on him here. Macomb County has the largest Polish-American community in the US, the ill-advised insult Kerry laid on Poland does not sit well there.
  • Finally, the often spoke of ban on gay marriage. Michigan will be one of several states that has a constitutional ban on gay marriage on its ballot. This should drive a huge turnout of social conservatives, which would be very good for the President.
You should take the time to read the whole thing, some very good insights in this article.

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