Excellent interview w/ Richard Minter, author of 'Shadow War'

There is an excellent interview by Matt Margolis with the author of Shadow War over at Blogs for Bush. It is defnitely worth reading the whole thing, but here are some of the highlights:
At what point in the Cold War could one have said definitively that we were winning or losing? This is the same kind of war, with an ideological enemy, a global battlefield, proxy armies, covert operations and nation building. In 1989, we won. Who could have confidently predicted that in 1988?


There is no doubt that the killing or capture of bin Laden would be a major victory in the war on terror. But, every member of the organization has to be hunted down or terrorism will continue to be a threat to Americans and their allies. This is a war, not simply a manhunt.


the Bush Administration had developed a plan to strike Al Qaeda in Afghanistan in retaliation for the attack on the USS Cole in October 2000. The Clinton people had declined to act, as I explain in my book Losing Bin Laden. The Bush people saw the necessity of combating the threat and had developed a plan. All of the relevant agencies, including State, Defense and CIA, had approved the plan by August 2001. Condi Rice had approved the plan in September, before 9-11. A meeting was scheduled with the president, but before he could be briefed, two planes slammed into the World Trade Center. The Administration simply did not know it was in a race against time.

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