Big anti-Kerry story coming Monday?

So its official the buzz is now deafening. The Washington Times is reported to be running a story on Monday which will cause big problems for the Kerry campaign.

Here are all the blogs reporting this that I have seen so far:
Power Line
INDC Journal
Blogs for Bush
The Templar Pundit has some possible topics

UPDATE: Blogs for Bush is now reporting that Drudge may break this tonight, and the reporter who will break it is going to be on Fox and Friends in the morning.

UPDATE II: This may not be the bombshell it was reported to be, but Wizbang has the details of the story.

HAT TIP: Blogs for Bush

If this is it, I have to say I am disappointed. This may be one case where the swarm mentality falls short, there has been an awful lot of huffing an puffing over this. Don't get me wrong, Kerry lying about this is big, and it is completely in character, but its not going to swing this election by itself.

UPDATE III: Here is the story from the Washington Times. He lied, but that should not surprise you.

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