2nd Presidential Debate Results

Well, it looks like a consensus has formed in the blogosphere, its a Bush victory! has a roundup of reaction from the bloggers, and it's almost all positive.

Bush was energetic, focused, and deadly effective in his attacks. The big surprise of the evening is the positive way that Bush handled some of the Democrats' pet issues: healthcare and the environment. He really took Kerry to task on his Senate votes on cuts in intelligence and raising taxes, and his numerous flip-flops. As the President said, "you can run but you can't hide" from you record, Senator.

Kerry landed some good blows, and definitely not acting the part of a pushover, he really is an excellent debater and it still shows even though he is so often wrong. The lie he has been repeating over and over regarding the retirement of General Shinseki will eventually catch up to him. I did think that the President missed an opportunity to call him on it, but the truth should make it into the mainstream media eventually.

Charlie Gibson did well, despite the brewing ABC News controversy, and the audience's questions were really good I thought, tough on both candidates.

The President has set himself up well for the final debate, really handling the domestic issues well. The stakes for the third debate are high, but I am confident in my President.

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