Republicans are NOT fostering fear...

Terrorism is the number one issus in this campaign, as it should be. The pundits from the left are out in force on the cable networks charging that the Republicans are fostering fear by pressing this issue. What a load of crap! I care about myself and my families security, and regardless of where my vote goes I want to know what the candidates are going to do about it. In the last week Russia has suffered from an unimaginable attack , and as I am typing this a bombing has occurred in Indonesia. These pundits are out there saying "gee, we have only been attacked on our soil 3 times", implying this is not really an issue. That is absolutely offensive to me! Our secuirty is not an issue because its only happened "3 times"?! Seems to me that the priorities of the democrats have not changed after all. Their Vice-Presidential candidate is out on the campaign trail stating that "Dick Cheney's scare tactics crossed the line today", also referring to Cheney's remarks on terrorism and their applicabilty to the campaign as "Un-American". Well, I gues American values have changed if this discussion is out of bounds.

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