New argument from the Democrats

Now the Democrats are really grasping at straws with their latest attempts to defend their candidate's flip-flopping.

When asked about the new Bush campaign ad, linked to above, liberal talk show host Ed Schultz replied, "A comment from 3 or 4 months ago does not play well today". Now I'm sure given the chance he would phrase it differently, but this shows one of the core plays out of the political Left's playbook. Its all about how something 'plays', not whether it is right or wrong. I am thankful that FDR and Truman were not Democrats of today, because a lot of their decisions may not have 'played' well.

Another talking point that the left is harping on now is that Bush promised there would be no nation-building under his administration. They point this out hoping that Americans will think, "golly gee, I guess Bush flip flops too." I give the average American a little more credit than those on the Left, I think people are smart enough to pick up on the fallacy of this argument. Bush's comment was pre 9/11. Since then he has never said he would not nation-build. The horrible attacks of Muslim extremists on that day changed everything, and everybody, Kerry included, recognized it and said so. This change in policy was vital to our security and President Bush recognized this. Now looking at Kerry's position changes you see a different story. Since 9/11 he has had 9 different positions on the War in Iraq. He has gone from being with Bush to against him, from being more hawkish than Bush to a complete pacifist. He wants to subjugate our sovereignty and self-defense to the UN, and he has said whatever he needed to in order to please the crowd he was in front of at the moment.

This is the difference, George W Bush and the Republicans in Washington know we are in a tough battle, but one that we MUST win. We cannot insult our allies, back down from terrorists, and show that our country is weak. John Kerry's switches in positions illustrate that he will go with what is best for him, NOT what is right or wrong. Principled and consistent are not code-words for dumb and rigid. It is what you admire in your friends and family, so don't you want that in a President too?

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