MY right's view of the Presidential Debate

Several topics I'd like to discuss regarding the debates then I'll draw my conclusions.
  1. Kerry's "stand" on the War in Iraq
    I still don't know exactly what his thoughts are, other than the childish "Bush Bad!" He attacks the President on not outfitting the troops properly, but wait a minute, wasn't Kerry the one who voted against the $87 billion? Also, the idea that the Left is clinging to that the War in Iraq is not part of the War on Terror is ridiculous. The idea that Saddam and Osama bin Laden were not allies against the US is as ludicrous as saying that Germany and Japan were not allies in 1939. So I guess the lesson for our enemies is that if Kerry is President, don't sign a formal treaty w/ terrorists, and its all good.

  2. Kerry's claim that Bush cannot build alliances
    This is ridiculous. 30+ countries in Iraq, and 40+ in Afghanistan. Those are alliances, plain and simple. Kerry is not building alliances, he is destroying ones that Bush put together. His comments last week show that he believes that by belittling our allies he can advance his campaign. But the problem is, if he was elected how is he to work with them? His surrogates were out calling Allawi a puppet? How can you work with someone who you have attacked like that? If people are out there thinking that Kerry can build alliances and "restore America's standing in the world", they are simply wrong.

  3. Kerry's contention that America is not safer than before 9/11
    This is insane to me. The Department of Homeland Security, the beefed up airport security, unprecedented cooperation between all intelligence agencies, the fall of the Taliban, and the removal of Saddam Hussein. All of these things have came to pass since 9/11 and his refusal to see this will really hurt him.

  4. Kerry's "Global Test" for preemptive military force
    Jeez, don't even get me started on this crap. John Kerry has consistently sent the message that if it were up to him he would subjugate our soverignty to the UN.

I truly think that on the issues alone, Bush won. His positions are clear, concise, and ring true to Americans. Voters clearly prefer his stand to that of Mr. Kerry's, this has been made clear in the polls. However, aesthetically Kerry pulled off a good performance. Depending what you base your "grade" on this is basically a draw.

I don't think this will have much affect on the numbers now, but we will see in the coming days. The Democrats' spin machine is in full effect, so it will be interesting how the debate will be judged in the press.

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