More 35 year-old lies from Kerry

Steve Pitkin's affidavit, sworn on 8/31/04, contains the following statement:
During the Winter Soldier Investigation, John Kerry and other leaders of that event pressured me to testify about American war crimes, despite my repeated statements that I could not honestly do so. One event leader strongly implied that I would not be provided transportation back to my home in Baltimore, Maryland, if I failed to comply. Kerry and other leaders of the event instructed me to publicly state that I had witnessed incidents of rape, brutality, atrocities and racism, knowing that such statements would necessarily be untrue.

Steven Pitkin
August 8/31/2004
This statement admits that his post-war statements, including the following quote, were untrue and conspiratorily fabricated on the urgings of Mr. Kerry.
My name is Steve Pitkin, age 20, from Baltimore. I served with the 9th Division from May of '69 until I was airvaced in July of '69. I'll testify about the beating of civilians and enemy personnel, destruction of villages, indiscriminate use of artillery, the general racism and the attitude of the American GI toward the Vietnamese. I will also talk about some of the problems of the GIs toward one another and the hassle with officers.

Steve Pitkin
Winter Soldier Investigation
February 1, 1971

You should absolutely check out the full affidavit, but suffice it to say that the statements in it are damning to the post-Vietnam John Kerry. That a man would so viciously and falsly not only accuse his former comrades of such heinous crimes, but also encourage others to do the same , is reprehensible to me. This shows the despicable lengths the man will go to to acheive his goals is sickening. This man is absolutely unfit for command.

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