John Kerry, the "Entrepreneurial Democrat"?

Our plan is pro-worker and pro-business, I'm an entrepreneurial Democrat."

John Kerry
September 15, 2004

Really? Pro-worker, pro-business, and you have a trial lawyer as running mate? Seems a bit contradictory to me. I have a problem with someone with his healthcare and economic proposals saying they are an entreprenuer, psuedo-socialism and entrepreneurism do not mix.

UPDATE: The following was posted on I thought it germain to the topic, does this sound pro-worker to you?

"John Kerry is proposing job-killing tax increases that would devastate small businesses and derail an economy that has created 1.7 million jobs over the past year. Voters aren't going to trust a candidate who promises at least $2 trillion in new government spending and has no plan to pay for it."

- Steve Schmidt, Bush-Cheney '04 Spokesman

John Kerry's Votes For Higher Taxes

Kerry Voted 98 Times For Tax Increases Totaling More Than $2.3 Trillion.

Kerry Voted At Least 126 Times Against Tax Cuts Totaling More Than $5.3 Trillion.

John Kerry's Spending Plans Do Not Add Up

Out Of Kerry’s 133 Campaign Promises, Kerry Has Not Said How He Will Pay For At Least 91 Them.

Out Of Kerry’s 133 Campaign Promises, At Least 21 Are Paid For By Repealing President Bush’s Tax Cuts.

Rolling Back The Bush Tax Cuts Will Not Pay For Kerry’s $2 Trillion In New Spending.

John Kerry Is No Friend Of Middle Class

In 1995, Kerry Voted For A Resolution That Said Middle Class Tax Cuts Were Not Wise. The sense of the Senate amendment, killed on a motion by Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), said, "reducing the deficit should be one of the nation's highest priorities, and that a middle-class tax cut would undermine and be inconsistent with the goal of achieving a balanced budget." (H.J. Res. 1, CQ Vote #67: Motion Agreed To 66-32: R 49-3; D 17-29, 2/14/95, Kerry Voted Nay)

Kerry Voted Against The 2001 And 2003 Tax Cuts.

Kerry Has Voted For Higher Taxes On Social Security Benefits At Least Eight Times.

  • Kerry Even Wanted Kerry To Increase Taxes On The Social Security Benefits Of Seniors Making As Little As $34,000 Per Year. ("The Debate: Sorting Out Fact From Fiction," The Boston Globe, 4/10/96)

Kerry Voted Against Amendment To FY 2004 Budget Resolution That Would Extend $1,000 Child Tax Credit Until 2013.

Kerry Sponsored And Voted For Motion To Kill Marriage Penalty Relief For Couples Earning Less Than $50,000 Per Year. "Kerry, D-Mass., motion to table (kill) the Gramm, R-Texas, amendment … The Gramm amendment would allow couples with combined incomes under $50,000 a year to claim an additional $3,300 income tax deduction, thus eliminating the so-called marriage penalty for those in that income bracket." Sen. Gramm's marriage penalty relief would have saved taxpayers $46 billion over 10 years. The amendment also would allowed self-employed individuals to deduct health insurance costs on their income taxes. (S. 1415, CQ Vote #154: Rejected 48-50: R 5-49; D 43-1, 6/10/98, Kerry Voted Yea)

Kerry Voted Against Eliminating Clinton-Instituted 4.3-Cent Tax On Transportation Fuels.

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