Even the NY Times admits it....

Robert Barbera, chief economist at the brokerage firm of ITG/Hoenig, says that in his 30 years in the business, "the notion that presidents create and lose jobs is the most grotesque mischaracterization of the economic backdrop'' that he has witnessed."

Help Wanted
Roger Lowenstein
New York Times
September 5, 2004

It is an economic fact, a President cannot "create" jobs, or even directly influence job growth. Talk about job loss or creation that a adminstration "can" bring about is nothing but campaign fluff. The New York Times even says it, effectively pulling one of Kerry's planks out from underneath him.
All this to say: ignore job creation promises or criticism of "losing jobs", from both sides. It is simply wrong to believe that any Presidents economic policy influences job growth, even the NY Times says so... ;)

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