Encouraging news from the newest Gallup poll is reporting some very intersting numbers from the internals of the latest Gallup poll.

- President Bush holds a 10% advantage among voters who say they are “certain” to vote for their preferred candidate (47%-37%).

- President Bush’s overall job approval rating is up to 54% - well above the 50% threshold believed required for an incumbent to win re-election.

- For the first time since 2002, Bush has a net approval rating on the economy (49%-48%).

- Almost-equal proportions of Americans approve and disapprove of the “situation in Iraq” (48%-49%), but when asked who would better handle Iraq, voters trust Bush by a margin of 14% (55%-41%).

- Likely voters chose “terrorism” as the most important issue to guide their votes this November; these voters trust President Bush on terrorism by a 27% margin (61%-34%).

- More Americans believe that John Kerry’s policies would move America in the wrong direction (44% “right” – 49% “wrong”); for President Bush, it’s 54% “right” and 44% “wrong.”

And how’s this for a final insult: asked who would better handle “relations with other countries,” President Bush leads Kerry by 52%-44%

Looks dangerous for the Democrats... The poll results can be found here.

Don't be complacent, continue to campaign, blog, and sign up for get out the vote efforts!

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