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8:35pm (CT) - Bush is hammering Kerry on his leadership and flip-flopping, (paraphrasing) "You can't lead a coalition when you say the war is 'the wrong war, at the wrong place, at the wrong time'". Scoring points there.

He also keeps mentioning all the countries involved in the rebuolding in Iraq. UAE, Jordan, Poland, Austrailia, etc. Good points.

8:40 - So what would you do differently?!? Kerry needs to learn, Americans don't respond to defeatism and pessimism. Offer an alternative John, or you are sunk.

Bush is using Kerry's own words against him effectively so far.

Kerry smiling smugly at Bush's good attacks will wear on people's nerves.

Bush needs to get in a flow though, he sounds a little disjointed. But he's getting there.

8:45 - He just won't learn, will he? The more he brings up Vietnam, the more it will hurt him.

Oh, and his "plan" in Iraq is the same as Bush's.

Go get him Bush, he's stealing your lines! ;)

8:48 - Now he brings up Israel! Bush has been the best friend to Israel of any modern President, thats not fertile ground Mr. Kerry.

Does Kerry really think these things happen overnight? Rebuilding a country that has been through what Iraq has is hard long work, it's not for the 'French' at heart. ;)

8:53 - I think Bush has Kerry on his heels, because Kerry has not offered a substantial alternative. Bush needs to be a little sharper, but I think he's ahead so far. Kerry's pessimism will hurt him.

Bush is scoring points here, Kerry working with the UN would have no teeth, and he's getting that across.

9:05 - So, according to Kerry, "unilateralism" in Iraq = bad - unilateral in North Korea = good? What sense does that make?

9:14 - "Certainty can get you into trouble"? are you kidding me? THAT is a Kerryism.

9:17 - Oh my God! Is it 1984? Shut down nuclear research? That'll work...

Who was right in the 80's, Kerry or Reagan? Yeah, that's what I thought.

9:19 - Bush needs to tighten the answers a bit, he is doing very well but it's just a bit loose.

9:22 - Going into the last question this is too close to call. I think Bush has won it, but we all know that! ;)

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