Bill Burkett admitted he deliberately mislead CBS News!

Confession in CBS Press Release

Rather this weekend interviewed Bill Burkett, a retired Texas National Guard officials who has been mentioned as a possible source for the documents. His interview will be on "CBS Evening News" on Monday.

CBS said Burkett acknowledged he provided the documents and said he deliberately misled a CBS producer, giving her a false account of their origin to protect a promise of confidentiality to a source.

Associated Press
CBS Can't Vouch for Bush Guard Documents

So the cat is out of the bag, confirming earlier speculation on this site. So now the real questions need to be answered:
  • Was it really Burkett, or is he "falling on the sword"?
  • Did Burkett act alone?
  • What was Burkett's motivation? His personal axe to grind? Hope of political gains?
  • What (if any) organizations conspired with Burkett to promote these forgeries?
  • What was the Democratic National Committee's role in this?
  • What was Terry McAuliffe's role in this?
It will be interesting to see how this plays out, if the trail leads to the DNC or Kerry's campaign this could get very messy.

UPDATE: Burkett has named his source, Lucy Rameirez. Some good early information about this can be found at

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