About Me

As you can probably tell by reading this site I am a deeply passionate conservative who believes that a limited government is ideal, and the best government is a local government. I am a proponent of states' rights, a strong national defense, and a federal government that stays within the bounds of the Constitution.

I believe in a free market. I believe that the producers of a society should be rewarded justly with the fruits of their hard work and innovation. I believe in helping those who truly cannot help themselves, but that help should not be done by over-taxing the producers, but through freely operating social and non-profit organizations. I believe that the best of humanity is seen when men act in accordance with their rational self-interest, and I believe that this benefits the whole of society. I believe that without free markets there can never be free citizens.

I believe in individualism. I believe that collectivism in any form, communism, socialism, communalism, etc., is evil and corrupts men's souls. More importantly, collectivism removes man's motivation for hard work and innovation, and this destroys societies, governments, families, and lives. I believe we must fight this influence on all fronts, lest our great country suffer the debilitating effects of this scourge that are currently evident in the socialist countries of Europe.

I believe in the undying determination and greatness of America.

I am twenty-something Information Technology worker living the in the Lone Star State. I am a member of the Republican Party of Texas, and the National Republican Party.

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